Tag! You're an Author and You're "IT"

You may know this game, but not played in quite this manner before. So, you're the author who is now "IT". To play this game you have to share your Work in Progress (WIP) or it's a smacked bottom and straight to bed with no supper!

Clive Mullis tagged me, and these are the rules:

Q 1) What is the title (or working title) of your book?

That would be Operation Stonehenge

Q 2) What genre(s) does your book fall under? (or land near really!)

Take your choice from sci-fi, thriller, mystery, suspense, action. In fact, it’s all five, with a bit of romance sprinkled in for good effect.

Q 3) What actors would you choose to play the characters in the film version of your book? (should you ever, ever get that honour really)

When writing my books I think about this to help me develop characters. Imagining a certain actor playing the role is a useful strategy for me. For Ben Anderson I’d pick Ewan McGregor, although he’d need to develop an English accent. Conversely, if she can pull off a Midlothian accent, Ali Larter would make a great Katy.


Q 4) What is the main outline for your book? (Call it a pitch as a synopsis includes spoilers)

What does a ring of standing stones in Wiltshire, England, a pyramid in Egypt, a painting in a church located in a small village in France, and a remote location in Nevada have in common? The answer, it seems, can be easily summed up in two words, but the reason, well, that’s an altogether totally different story.


Q 5) Will your book be Indie published, self published or represented by an agency and sold to a traditional publisher?

Unless someone knows something I don’t, it will be self-published

Q 6) How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Hang on . . . wasn’t this a tag about my work in progress?  Yep, I’ve just read the rules again. I’m still completing the first draft. However, my target is to have the book out by late summer - and if the weather in the UK doesn’t get any better, that could be a lot longer than we think.

Q 7) What other books in this genre would you compare yours to?

This is a hard question as I’ve tried to write something which has its own personality. Operation Stonehenge is the sequel to The Pyramid Legacy, and as one reviewer stated - “A really impressive debut that follows a number of genre trappings, but eschews others and treads a new path.” I liked the ‘new path’ bit.

Q 8) Who or what inspired you to write this book?

It’s a natural progression from The Pyramid Legacy. The inspiration initially, for the first book, was an actual discovery of a hidden door within the Great Pyramid of Giza, plus the fact I’ve never read anything to convince me the ancient Egyptians were capable of building such a huge structure. A visit to the inside of the Great Pyramid in 2009 did nothing to make me change my view.

Q 9) What else about the book might pique the readers’ attention?

The evidence is unquestionable. The architects of The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge were related!

At this point in the story I weave together both fact and fiction. But it is the facts which are the harder to believe, and the evidence is tangible.

Q 10) Thank goodness!!

Phew I've ran as fast as I can and these are the author's I've caught (and any who don't have a Blog of their own are welcome to have a ‘sleepover’ at mine and post their answers here.)

Now for my five victims... Erm, five other authors who will tell you about their WIP (Refuse and the bear will be given your address!!):

Rachel Amphlett

Katherine L Logan

Seumas Gallacher

Paul Anthony

Lawrence Wray

You’ve been TAGGED!