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Katherine Lowry Logans notes from Tabor Lane are the musings of a marathoner and romance author - Her work includes the romance/time-travel novel, The Ruby Brooch.

Rebecca Scarberry, author of Messages from Henry and Rag Doll, has a wonderful blog, which she cleverly titles - scarberryfieldsForever.

Rachel Amphlett, author of White Gold, and soon to be released second book in the ‘Dan Taylor series’, Under Fire, is a regular blogger, based in Australia.

Tim Vicary, is the author of three British legal thrillers about a tough lady barrister called Sarah Newby. He has also published four historical thrillers.

Jay Squires, author of many exceptional books, has a very amusing, entertaining and informative blog, which he has called - Jay Squire’s Septuagenarian Journey.

Melissa McPhail, author of Cephrael’s Hand and The Dagger of Adendigaeth, is not only an avid blogger with a stunning looking website, but is also a yoga teacher.

Jill Edmondson, author of the Sasha Jackson Mysteries, writes a blog with an eclectic flavour, which includes reviews, interviews and various other interesting writing based topics.

Winslow Eliot, author of numerous novels, poet and writing coach, provides the perfect blog to grab some Daily Happiness, and other insightful treats.

Kerry Letheby’s, blog details the publishing and promotional journey of a debut novel, Mine to Avenge, sharing excerpts and lessons learned along the way.

Dayle Robert Grixti, is the author of Sun Bleached Winter. He also reviews books and blogs about writing tips.

David Cotton, has authored several business related books, and blogs on business related topics such as leadership and strategy.

Independent Author Network - Ideally for meeting other authors and promoting your work to a wider audience.

Author Social Media Support Group (ASMSG) - A very supportive group of fellow authors and writers.

Goodreads - A site where over 10 million readers and authors share their love for the written word.

Mover Mike - hates BIG government, but fascinated with politics, economics, geology, earthquakes, weather, music and books.

English Historical Fiction Authors - British-Historical essays written by authors of English/British historical fiction. A daily post with your morning coffee or tea.

Jack Sperring - Author of The Kingdom of Magic, and currently writing the sequel City of Darkness, due for publication in 2013.

Ron Powell - Author of Wings Over Summer and a first volume of memoir, Preparation For Flight. Ron, also a public speaker and retired Group Captain, joined the RAF alongside me more years ago than either of us would wish to acknowledge.

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