The Holiday Book Tour 2013

Welcome to the Holiday Book Tour: a collection of books and blogs from international authors with that ‘certified must-read’ for your holiday.

Author Paul Anthony invites you all to jump on board his aeroplane and take off to the sunshine this year. Come fly with us.

Evidently, I’ll be navigating (so that’ll mean sorting some maps out), and Scott Whitmore is at the controls. Pauline Barclay is head stewardess. Francis Laveauz is dispensing your favourite holiday tipple and Zoe Saadia, Laura Johnson and Seumas Gallacher, will be bringing you the very best from their 'Duty Free' trolley. Now hang on tight and watch Amy Metz run through the flight safety drill.

We’re only joking, of course. We don’t bother with a flight safety drill! Relax! Just sit back and enjoy your holiday.

You'll need a passport, your bucket and spade, and a couple of books. What? You've got everything except the books! Don't worry, we'll try and supply a few for you.

Well, authors need readers and readers need authors. So, with that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to a bunch of authors who write in a wide variety of genres and have gathered together a collection of books for your holiday enjoyment. Each author has been asked a series of questions, but each one has a different answer, and a different selection of books on offer. You’re invited to join us on our tour and spread the word about these wonderful holiday reads. Those of us on twitter will be tweeting #holreads2013 but all we’d like you to do is read this post, and then click on the names of the authors in the list below, visit their site, and compare their answers with the rest.

Why don't we crack on, and I’ll make a start here by answering Paul Anthony’s questions, and if you want a better look at some of the photos, just click on them to make them larger:

Q. In which part of the world do you live at the moment?

A. I’m glad he started with an easy one. A quick look on the map tells me I live in a county in England, which has quite a long coast line, has a large forest, and the only city in the county is one of the most attractive in the country, with not just one, but two cathedrals. If you haven’t guessed already, I live in rural Norfolk, and the city in question is Norwich. (The forest is Thetford Forest, and it’s well worth a visit.)

Q. Do you have any favourite parts of the world or any favourite holiday places?

A. I’ve travelled several times to Africa, the Far East and many times to the Middle East, and I’ve also been to both North and South America. But one of my favourite holiday destinations is Scotland. I don’t have to fly there (I spend far too much time in aircraft when on business trips) and it is possible to stay in very remote locations without phone signals. Bliss!

Q. What kind of holiday do you prefer? Cruises, walking, beach holiday, city breaks, villa, caravan, for example. Are you an explorer or do you just like to crash and relax?

A. Cruises and caravans are definitely not my idea of a holiday. I particularly like the natural world, so any location which provides stunning natural beauty gets my vote. As I’m a keen photographer the great outdoors gives me an opportunity to indulge in that particular hobby.

Q. Do you feature international places in your books or are they a figment of your imagination designed to engage the reader?

A. I guess there’s a clue in the title and cover of my first novel - The Pyramid Legacy. The action starts in Cairo, at the Pyramids, naturally, but does move onto other international locations. The opening scene in the sequel, Operation Stonehenge (due out in the summer of 2013), actually starts in Washington DC.

Q. Do you write for the holiday maker or do you write for a specific market?

A. My books are written for people who wish to enjoy a bit of escapism, whether or not that be on holiday, travelling, at home or anywhere else people enjoy losing themselves into a story. They are a blend of thriller, mystery, suspense and sci-fi, with a dash of romance tossed in to add to the flavour.

Q. Tell us about some of your books and why you think they will make good holiday reads.

A. The Pyramid Legacy is set in the near future, in an age where the Internet has been wiped out (so order your Kindle copy quickly), and as a result technology hasn’t changed significantly. The plot centres around an image discovered in a chamber, which is protected by a secret door. The image brings into question the true history behind the pyramids, and a race against individuals who will go to any lengths to ensure the secret continues to remain just that . . . A secret!

Q. And where can we learn more about these holiday reads?

A. Just click on the links in the far column.

Thanks for joining us on our holiday tour. Stay safe and enjoy yourselves wherever you are going.

Now please follow these cracking hand-picked authors, chosen by Paul Anthony to see what they have to say about holidays, and holiday reads. Finally, over the next few weeks I will be inviting other authors to join in, and tell us about their holiday reads, so be sure to pop back from time to time.

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