Product Review - hashTag Monitor


Multiple Twitter User Accounts

Whether you have multiple Twitter accounts or share a computer with others, once you connect and validate your Twitter account switching accounts is as easy as selecting the desired user from a drop-down list.

Remember User Settings

When you exit hashTag Monitor your last used search options and settings will be stored. Then next time you start your application the settings will be automatically loaded and depending on your selected options your last search will be executed and the tweets loaded for your review.

Limit Tweets

To avoid showing too many search results and overwhelming user, hashTag Monitor provides a few ways to limit your search results. All retweets are eliminated from the search results automatically, but can be switched on if so desired. You can also limit the search results to the tweets from the last 12/24/48 hours or to the number of most recent tweets.

Filter Tweets by Author/Follower

To help you even further filter your search results hashTag Monitor provides an easy way to limit who will show up as an author/follower in your Twitter search results. You can create a list of people who are allowed to get your attention. You can add them one by one or import an entire lists from your Twitter account. And also you can turn the filtering on or off.

Search Definition Presets

To minimize the time required to create a frequently used searches hashTag Monitor provides you with an easy way to save the search parameters, along with the filter authors/followers list, as a loadable preset. So coming back to your favourite search is only one click away.

Screenshots - Just click on any of the thumbnails below to view a larger image. (NB Screen shots have been supplied by the vendor.)

Using hashTag Monitor

For some time I’ve been looking for a ‘Twitter tool’ which allows me to do two things - 1) Search and follow other users by both keyword search in bios and time of recent activity. This I am still looking for. 2) to be able to monitor the interaction between me and single/group selections. In other words I wanted a system where I could type in a Twitter handle and see if that persons has tweeted me or retweeted my tweets. The designers of hashTag monitor were keen to point out to me that auto-following in bulk of other users was the single biggest cause of getting a Twitter account suspended, so they made a conscious decision not to include that particular facility. However, what they have produced is a tool which delivers my second requirement in spadefuls.

Advantages of hashTag Monitor

This is a very powerful tool for monitoring the use of both hash-tags and interactions with fellow tweeps. The number of combinations it offers is wide. It allows presetting and saving of certain scenarios. For example, you may have hooked up with a number of people who share a particular interest, say F1. Rather than seeing every Twitter user who uses the hash-tag “#F1”, you can select to see just the tweets of a select few who tweet about F1 using that particular hash-tag. There are many uses for hashTag monitor.

Disadvantages of hashTag Monitor

This tool is desktop based, and currently it doesn’t seem to come with a web-based alternative. That being said, it is only something you’ll use whilst at your computer, it doesn’t provide any service which requires your PC/laptop to be running through the night. The main disadvantage is the lack of a help file. It required one or two emails to the vendor before I fully understood what the system was capable of, and how it actually works. In its defence it does have a ‘Show Tool Tips’ button, which when you float the cursor over certain elements, does give a brief description.


hashTag Monitor is without doubt a very useful tool to help save time in the consuming world of Twitter. It is very inexpensive at just $5.95, and therefore in my opinion a very worthwhile investment. I highly recommend it and would rate it 9/10. For further details visit the hashTag Monitor website.

hashTag Monitor - What is it?

It is a relatively simple and inexpensive programme which allows users to monitor hash-tags and user accounts in a more streamlined and time-efficient way. Let me start this review by giving you an outline of the features within hashTag Monitor